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My name is Óscar Bueno Abad (’92, Palma de Mallorca), I am the photographer who made the works you are seeing in this space of professional photography. I come from a family of artists: musicians, orchestra directors, painters, designers, etc. So this is my art, I carry photography inside me and I desire it’s what you need for your photographic project.

My work is focus on commercial and fashion photography: editorials for magazines, advertising campaigns for companies, collections and lookbooks for stores and brands showing their products, photobooks for proffesional models and their agencies, etc.

In fact, my work have been published in international high impact media like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, L’Officiel, Playboy and others.

I’m psychologist too, so I know human emotions, I know what I want to express with one photo and that, without a doubt, is the most complicated thing: to express the perfect sensations and emotions with an image. I have spent a lot of time looking for my personal style of photography and, finally, if you are going to choose me for your project is important that my style fits for you.

That is why making intelligent and accurate photos is the main objective. I wish that I would be the photographer who makes your ideas real.



CAMPAIGN & ADVERTISING Photography project for advertise products, services, your brand or your company, as well as the value it represent

  • Brand Content Campaign: Social Media & Web
  • Campaign: Physical/Press/Web

CATALOGUE CAMPAIGN Photography project for showing in catalogue, web and social media the products are you selling

  • Product Photography
  • Fashion Commercial Photography

COMMERCIAL COVER Cover which represents the client or company in a unique photo: musical album covers, event posters, mag/book covers…


LOOKBOOK Brand content of seasonal collections or new arrivals of different products of a fashion brand/store: summer fashion, winter fashion or urban fashion, Mediterranean fashion…

EDITORIAL Fashion photography project for publish on magazines, useful for fashion brands, multibrand stores, fashion designers and fashion stylists. 

MODEL TESTS/PORTFOLIO Shootings for models, for create new and interesting portfolio for them and their model agencies.


CORPORATIVE SHOOTING Individual/group portrait photoshoot of professionals of a company or independent professionals who seek to give a superior image to their business

LANDSCAPE/NATURE SHOOTING Best choose for decoration for inside places, touristic companies, etc.  

REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY Photoshoots for inside houses, real-estate agencies, hotels, etc.

OTHER CUSTOMIZED PROJECTS Events photography, Documental Photography, other individual photoshoots.